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Tuffo Play Mat

IMPORTANT! We are closed this week for Spring Break. No orders will ship until MONDAY April 21st when we return.

This popular and comfortable water-resistant play mat is perfect for picnicking on the wet grass at the park, relaxing on the sand at the beach, or even giving your baby some floortime at home.

It's very lightweight, comes in a carrying tote with handles and unlike many other play mats out there, is big enough for several adults to sit on comfortably. Plus the price is right!

  • Lightweight and compact for convenient storage and traveling.
  • Easy-carry Velcro sling tote with shoulder straps and storage pockets. Very handy!
  • Rugged, durable water-resistant nylon backing.
  • Cool cotton fabric on the topside of blanket...great on hot days. (Fleece blankets trap too much heat and don't breathe).
  • Interior polyester batting provides cushioning.
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low or line dry.
  • Take it with you when traveling and be prepared for playtime or picnics anytime, anywhere. Even on the carpet at the airport!
  • Dimensions: 54" x 84" (flat) 22" x 15" x 3" (folded)
    Weight: 3 lbs / 1.4 kg

For years I went to the park and beach with a towel (wet butt, ugh) or a blanket (heavy, bulky and hard to carry).

I saw friends at the playground with nice fleece blankets (who were nice enough to share them with me), but they cost upwards of $80, and seemed kind of heavy to carry, and hot as well.

I checked out some lightweight nylon-backed cotton mats, but they were tiny little squares barely big enough for one adult and one baby, much less an entire family to picnic on.

I bought a waterproof play mat at Target for $20, but it was more like a tarp. Instantly bunched up and wrinkled up as soon as you sat on it, no padding, the wind was always blowing the corners up and flipping it over, and no breathable cotton top, so you got sweaty cheeks sitting down on a hot day. It finally died after I washed it and threw it in the dryer, whereupon it warped and shrunk beyond recognition. What a waste of resources.

Then I discovered this Tuffo mat (at a surf shop of all places...apparently it's a big favorite among the surf set for chillin' on the beach) and it was just the ticket. The only downside that I have found is that, since it is lightweight, it will blow away in strong winds, but if you put a rock, shoe, or child on each corner, no worries.



 Tuffo Play Mat - Earthstripe $39
Tuffo Water-resistant Playmat/Blanket in Earthstripe
Tuffo Water-resistant Playmat/Blanket in Earthstripe

 Tuffo Play Mat - Dots $39
Tuffo Water-resistant Playmat/Blanket in Dots
Tuffo Water-resistant Playmat/Blanket in Dots

 Tuffo Play Mat - Multistripe $39
Tuffo Water-resistant Playmat/Blanket in Multistripe
Tuffo Water-resistant Playmat/Blanket in Multistripe

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