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Beco Mini - Toy Baby Carrier for Kids

The Beco Mini is an adorable miniature baby carrier for kids. Now they can be part of the action and carry their stuffed animals and baby dolls just like Mama and Daddy carry a real baby! Perfect for helping your older child adjust to a new baby, or for those children who simply love their toys and dolls and want to take them everywhere.

The Beco Mini can do a front carry, back carry and even a hip carry. It is a simplified version of the actual Beco carrier for adults, with beautiful prints and high-quality details. There is no insert, just unbuckle the straps, bring them over your child's shoulders and cross them, then bring back around under the arms to the starting side (front or back) and buckle. Easy, fun and comfortable!

NOTE: The Beco Mini is for use by children with dolls and toys only, and should not be used to carry a real baby! If you want to carry a real baby, see the Beco Butterfly.

Beco Mini - Aiden   $39.99
Pretty light blue modern print with circles of blue, green, cream and brown.

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