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Baby Carriers
These are my picks to cover every possible age and size. All carriers are two-shouldered and ergonomically appropriate.
Check out the Carrier Comparison Chart too, it compares carrier features directly.

The Portable Baby Wrap
Best for: Babies 5-20 lbs
  • Always a perfect fit
  • Lightweight and breathable.
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier
    In my opinion, the Wrap is the best carrier for wearing babies up to 20 pounds, and can still work wonderfully well long after that.

    Endlessly flexible and adjustable, lets you cuddle even the tiniest of newborns hands-free, right within head-kissing range.

    Open it up to let an alert, curious baby look around and move, or cover and support a sleepy, floppy baby from head to toe. Always the right size, always a great fit for both of you, and easy to wear.

    So light and breathable, you can leave this carrier on all day like a shirt and pop your baby in and out as needed without re-tying.

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  • Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier
    Best for: Babies 7-40 lbs
  • Easy front and back carries
  • Stylish prints and design
    Beco Baby Carrier in Carnival
    The ultra-stylish new Beco Butterfly has an innovative and unique internal sling to buckle your baby securely into the carrier. Back carries with babies as young as 3 months are now as easy as slipping on a backpack.
    Beco Baby Carrier in Ginger
    Gorgeous high-end fabrics, combined with soft structured support at shoulders and hips, make the Beco fantastic for wearing your baby on front or back.

    The tall carrier body means more support for your child and less strain on your shoulders. Slim and trim, not bulky under the arms.

    Buckles on inner sling allow you to adjust the closeness of your child to your body separately from the overall shoulder strap tightness, and make nursing in the carrier easy.

    The baby can also be passed from one wearer to another without taking him/her out of the carrier.

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  • Beco Gemini
    Best for: Babies 8-25 lbs
  • Front (facing in OR out), back and hip carries.
    Beco Gemini in Paige, showing baby facing outwards

    The Beco Gemini is all about flexibility and simplicity. There are no detachable accessories, everything you need is built into the carrier and it is very easy and intuitive to use.

    The Gemini can do four different carries, and converts from one form to another by folding and securing various parts of the carrier with snaps. With one carrier you can do:

    • Front carry facing in
    • Front carry facing out
    • Hip carry
    • Back carry
    • Straps either crossed or backpack style
    • Headrest down (for small, active babies) or headrest up (for sleeping babies or toddlers)
    • Base of carrier narrow (for small babies or front facing-out carry) or wide (hip and back carry, bigger babies and toddlers)
    Beco Gemini in Espresso - facing in

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  • Pikkolo Baby Carrier
    Best for: Babies 8-45 lbs
  • Front (facing in OR out), back AND hip carries.
    Front-facing carry with the Pikkolo, shown in Metro Black.
    The versatile Pikkolo has a winning combination of features. This carrier boasts deluxe heat-sensitive memory foam padding in the shoulder straps, ultra-durable fabric that only gets better with each wearing, plus the ability to wear your baby on your hip or in a front-facing carry, in addition to standard front and back carries. Shoulder staps can be crossed or worn backpack-style.

    The waistband comes unpadded apron-style, which allows for maximum range of fit among body types, from short to tall-waisted wearers. An optional padded waistband sleeve (the Babywearing Belt) is also available, so that you can customize your Pikkolo and add a padded waistband to it as your baby grows taller and heavier.
    Pikkolo Baby Carrier in Flame with Babywearing Belt in Black
    All buckles are dual-adjustable, which means that you can pull from either side of the buckle to adjust the length of the waist and shoulder straps, as well as relocate buckles in uncomfortable locations.

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  • Boba G3 Toddler Carrier
    Best for: Newborn up to 5 years!

  • Newborn configuration allows you to wear newborns and small babies without any additonal padding or accessories to buy. Simple, elegant design!
  • New Boba Air offers a minimalist, super-compact version of the Boba G3 for travel, keeping handy in car or bag as a spare carrier, etc.
  • Tall, wide carrier body provides full support and excellent weight distribution for toddlers
  • Long straps fit a wide range of sizes
    Boba Classic G3 Toddler Carrier

    This carrier is specially designed to distribute weight evenly for maximum comfort:

    • supportive padding on the shoulder straps
    • a structured yet flexible waistband that provides firm support where you need it
    • a wide carrier body sewn to distribute weight evenly, supports the thighs
    • tall carrier body provides full upper body support
    • unique footrests allow ideal ergonomics for older children

    You'll be endlessly thankful that you have your Boba along on a walk/hike/outing/vacation when your normally capable child suddenly can't go one step further without meltdown. (Been there, done that!)

    Also great for calming and physically reconnecting with an older child. Wear your toddler/preschooler out on a calming walk when upset or sick, or around the house. Older children love the closeness that being carried provides.

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  • Looking for baby carrier accessories like hip pockets, wintertime fleece covers, babywearing support belts, etc?

    Babywearing Advantages

  • No need to lug around an awkward & heavy carseat, or drag a bulky stroller up stairs, in/out of your car, through large crowds, narrow aisleways, or over rough terrain. Wearing your baby is an easy and fun alternative...with endless benefits for both of you! Try taking your stroller to the beach, down a cobblestone street, or on the bus/subway. All of these are a breeze with a good carrier.
  • Frees you to accomplish daily activities, chores, and errands while still caring for your children. Keep your baby close, safe and happy, or give a fussy/tired toddler downtime in busy environments.
  • Helps your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Excellent for difficult nappers and allows for sleeping under almost any circumstances.
  • Prevents flat heads and bald spots, minimizes external pressure to the baby's skull. Encourages neck and torso development, balance and coordination. Baby is upright, free to move the head and upper body, moves in all directions with the wearer's movements, and is not strapped into an immobilizing device.
  • Encourages mental development -- since worn babies spend less time crying and trying to soothe themselves, they are freed (in their state of quiet alertness) to observe more and to positively interact more. Carried babies are more intimately involved in their parent's world and are more engaged in what is going on around them. They socialize better since they are carried at eye level instead of sitting parked at knee level, like in a stroller. The brain is stimulated by the inclusion provided by babywearing and therefore is encouraged to grow and develop. Scientific evidence shows that carried babies demonstrate advanced speech development and enhanced visual and auditory alertness.
  • Soothes crying and colic -- babies worn at least 3 hours a day cry 43% less overall, and 54% less during the evening hours. (1)
  • Reduces incidence of post-partum depression -- studies shows that post-partum depression is much less common among mothers who frequently wear their infants. The reason is not entirely known, but many speculate that it may be because of the hormonal stimulation baby-wearing provides, and because worn babies cry much less.
  • Better bonding = easier discipline? -- the deeper the connection between a parent and child, the easier discipline may be in the future. Wearing your infant in a sling is a bonding investment that enhances the connection between you and your baby. Credible research comparing well-connected children with poorly-connected children brings to light that connected children are more secure, settled, trusting, sociable, positive, adaptable, confident, considerate, co-operative, willing to share, empathetic, sensitive, affectionate, persistent, and eager to learn.


    (1) Hunziker, U. A. and Barr, R, G. (1986). Increased carrying reduces infant crying: a randomized controlled trial. Pediatrics, 77, 641-8.

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